Oil Price Being Low Is Affecting The Hot Shot Industry

April 29, 2015


Lots of things have changed in the hot shot business in the past few months with oil being low.  Not very many companies can afford or justify using our services in these hard times.  As a result companies are dropping like flies.  They just can’t afford to stay in business with such little work.  I get calls literally everyday from drivers and driver/owners looking for work.  I try to help out as many as possible but opportunities are limited.

Recently I was on a job out by Lloydminister and I received a call to go from Calgary to Ft. McMurray.  All my drivers were busy so I called a young guy looking for work to pick up the load and meet me in Vegerville.  He was very excited to get some work and he was right on time, packin a great big smile.  That smile sure helped to make my difficult day seem a little brighter.

Even though times are tough I’m here for the ‘long haul’… I’m not going anywhere!  So call me if you need a delivery during these slow times or when things get crazy busy again (and they always do).  I’ve been in the oil patch for 35 years so I’ve seen it happen a few times and it always turns around sooner or later.  So I’ll be waiting for your call and until then ‘happy truckin’.

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