Hot Shot Courier Job From Calgary To Lloydminster…

January 5, 2014

Hot Shot Courier

Hot Shot Courier Job Calgary to LloydI was just getting in from the cold, snowy day after plowing the roads for hours. It had been a busy day with driving into Calgary to watch my grandson play hockey to plowing the roads for the 20th time this winter (most snow we’ve ever seen), to making sure the horses were fed.

As I was coming inside from the cold I was thinking about how nice it would be to sit down in my nice cozy chair with my wife next to me and watch a movie together. After all, it was a Saturday night and the last week had been so hectic.

That’s when my phone starting to ring…

An oil and gas company needed me to deliver a gas detector up by Frog Lake (about one hour from Lloydminster). They said it was urgent and needed to be there by early morning.

I told them I was their man and would make sure it was done. So I hopped into my truck at 8:00 pm on a snowy, cold winters night and drove into Calgary to pick up the part. There were no delays and the company was extremely happy when I delivered the gas detector to them early the next morning.

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