Calgary to Moosomin Saskatchewan

December 19, 2013

Hot Shot Services

I received a phone call from a company needing drill bits delivered to Moosomin, Saskatchewan. They told me it was urgent and needed to get it done right away. So, within about one hour I had picked up the package and drove straight to Moosomin on the weekend. They were so happy when I arrived they asked me to go back to Calgary and pick up some other parts and have them delivered to the same location!

Of course, I told them I’d get it done. So I drove all the way back to Calgary, picked up the other parts and delivered them to Moosomin. I drove 36 hours in about 4 days.

The company that hired me for this hot shot job knew they could rely on me and I made sure it was done right and on time.

To be honest, I really enjoy doing this. My entire career has been spent driving and there’s no other place I’d rather be than in my truck stopping in at every A&W along the way. I took some pictures of my trip and recorded a quick video:


A&W photo 5

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